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photo adventures with Ilya Fedorov

Rocks and Water


If you tried to take more or less close picture of any waterfall you know that the mist that comes out of water likes to settle on your lens rendering all your shots useless. Unless you have a piece of fabric with you and wipe the glass before every shot. This time the task was even more interesting – it was raining. All my shots were useless. What you see here is the photo taken by my wife with her pocket camera –  she stood under trees covering her from rain. I just needed to crop it and convert to black and white!

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Yes, I did shoot this one If you have a photographer in your close circle you spend a lot of time with you know they might get stuck in one place for half an hour. This time the waiting was eased by the presence of the waterfall (yes, sometimes you cannot understand what is that they are looking at for the last 30 minutes? does the world look that much different through an ultra-wide lens?) and the area being safe for kids if you do not count swimming in a winter that much of a threat for a 2 year-old. So, this was one of the rare times I could make use of the pocket camera I had, experiment with shutter speed and composition. This is a result of half-an-hour exercise on the topic of ‘What exactly do I like about this waterfall?’. It turned out to be those square rocks on the left.