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photo adventures with Ilya Fedorov

Worthwhile Reading

I like to read about all sorts of photography. From time to time I update this page with the books and articles I found useful.

About composition.

One simply can’t have a great photo without proper composition.

“Composing The Photo: Creating Order From The Chaos  by Trey Ratcliff” – a very smart mini book about composition.

“Living Landscapes” by Todd and Sarah Sisson – a must read for anyone interested in creating landscape photos with “punch”.

Digital Photography School website – contains heaps of tips on composition which are easy to read and understand.

About light and colour.

Humans and cameras see light and color in different way. The key to great photography is to learn how to translate camera vision into human vision.

Trey Ratcliff’s HDR tutorial – provides an interesting view on this topic.

“Professional Photoshop” by Dan Margulis  – explains how to bring all the light and colour to life without breaking that ‘natural’ look.