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photo adventures with Ilya Fedorov


Hello, it is me :) Originally from Russia, I am lucky to live in New Zealand. It is bright, saturated with colors, it is meeting you with mind blowing sunrises and equally stunning sunsets. I guess it is one of the most photographed countries in the world!

It is in my nature to visit new places, I get bored with static life very quickly so travelling really is the way to escape from day-to-day routine. I take that opportunity as often as I can, and quite often wonder if I need house at all… hence the name for the blog.

I always have been facinated by light, I love light of all sort. It reminds me that some magic is still with us here, on the Earth. Photo and video cameras are like tools of wizards who capture light and turn it into magic memories. So here I am, chaising the light around the place known to be “Heaven on Earth”.

If you love travelling or taking photos or reading about those things, please stick around, have your say. I would love to hear from you. I really do!